Shielding paint HSF54 | RF screening attenuation against electrosmog up to 90 dB at 40 GHz | classic shielding paint from YSHIELD | TÜV SÜD certified | effective on 5G!

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The shielding paint HSF54 has long been one of YSHIELD’s classics. Tried and tested for years and frost-resistant, it is used worldwide for shielding rooms and entire buildings. HSF54 was revised, modernized and optimized in 2019 after five years for even more powerful shielding attenuation, with a focus on 5G.

Ideally suited for shielding radio radiation from mobile radio, DECT, WIFI and mobile Internet. Groundable for shielding alternating electric fields from domestic power.

RF shielding performance at 1 GHz

  • single layer: up to 44 dB
  • double layer: up to 53 dB
  • triple layer: up to 60 dB

5G frequencies and up to 40 GHz significantly higher, up to 90 dB shielding effectiveness.

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Shielding paint HSF54 | RF shielding up to 67 dB. Grounding necessary. Classic from YSHIELD. | TÜV SÜD certified | Effective on 5G!

HSF54 is the best-selling classic among YSHIELD’s high-performance shielding paints. Proven thousands of times worldwide. Now up to 90 dB shielding attenuation at 40 GHz (up to 99.9999999 % shielding effect). TÜV SÜD certified!

HSF54 has been one of YSHIELD’s most proven shielding paints for many years, with good reason, and this quality is particularly convincing worldwide. The HSF54 shielding paint is in daily use around the globe – in industry as well as in private households. One of the main reasons besides the high shielding effect is the frost resistance in the container which makes this shielding paint predestined for worldwide shipping – even in winter.

The shielding paint HSF54 was revised, modernized and optimized in 2019 after five years for even more efficient shielding effectiveness, with a focus on 5G. HSF54 is a paint that simply always fits when the decision for the ideal paint is difficult. HSF54 is based on a high-quality pure acrylic binder and is breathable, solvent-free, plasticizer-free and low-emission. With outstanding physical and chemical properties and at the same time highly ecological. HSF54 is frost-resistant for parcel shipping in winter as well as on pallets for truck, train and ship freight.

Convincing properties of the HSF54 shielding paint

The HSF54 shielding paint by YSHIELD is best suited to the effective attenuation of stress caused by electrosmog from mobile radiation and electric alternating fields. Radio pollution from mobile phones, mobile Internet, WLAN, DECT, GSM, LTE, and many more is attenuated by up to 60 dB, which is an effectiveness of 99.9999%. Electric fields from the power supply (alternating current) are grounded very effectively and can be attenuated by 100%.

We generally recommend painting twice, but it is better to paint in three layers. The HSF54 shielding paint must be grounded!

  • Effective RF shielding. Screening attenuation: Single layer HSF54 shields up to 44 dB, two layers up to 53 dB and three layers up to 60 dB at 1GHz. At higher frequencies up to 40 GHz incl. 5G, the shielding is significantly higher again, up to 90 dB.
  • Substrate: Interior and exterior. Excellent adhesion on almost all substrates such as old coats of paint, plasterboards, wallpapers, plaster, concrete, styrofoam, wood, etc.
  • Final coating: Preferably covered with plastic-bonded dispersion paints, silicate emulsion paints, façade paints or silicon resin paints. We do not recommend pure mineral paints (clay, chalk, pure silicate). You can find concrete recommendations on the technical data sheet. Due to its high tensile strength (at least 0.08 N/mm² according to ETAG 004 for WDVS), it can be applied directly under pure organic plaster, but not on mineral plaster!
  • Grounding: Must be grounded! We recommend the self-adhesive grounding tape for indoor use and the AF3 additive and GE grounding plate for outdoor use.
Reliable protection against high-frequency mobile radiation can be crucial and is important!
Reliable protection against high-frequency mobile radiation can be crucial and is important!

Paint stirrer AR42 | Stirrer for optimal mixing of shielding paints before applicationYield of the HSF54 shielding paint

Generally speaking, the yield of a shielding paint is necessary depending on the surface. The more the surface “sucks”, ie. is coloured, the more shielding paint is required. We recommend conducting small tests to see how quickly the paint “enters”. We highly recommend using our primer because that will prevent an excessively-high usage of HSF54 shielding paint. The “average” yield is based on a “non-sucking” surface.

You need to mix the HSF54 shielding paint extensively before applying it. The heavier ingredients will have sunk from storage and transport, and this must be corrected. With the stirrer that we developed ourselves, it is possible to effortlessly and effectively re-mix and re-apply the HSF54 shielding paint. Simply insert it into a standard electric drill and mix for around 5 minutes per container. There should be no more solid remains of the solid ingredients at the bottom of the container – these would make the shielding less effective because they wouldn’t be put on the wall, but they’d remain in the paint bucket.

Technical shielding effectiveness values from the EMF laboratory

  • At a yield of 4 sqm/liter:
    At 1 GHz: Single layer 44 dB | Double layer 53 dB | Three layer 60 dB
    At 40 GHz:
    Single layer 55 dB | Double layer 73 dB | Three layer 90 dB
  • At a yield of 8 sqm/liter:
    At 1 GHz: Single layer 39 dB | Double layer 46 dB | Three layer 51 dB
    At 40 GHz:
     Single layer 39 dB | Double layer 63 dB | Three layer 84 dB
Stirrer for shielding paints GK5 primer
Self adhesive grounding strap EB1 with conductive glue for shielding paint, shielding fabric and shielding fleece, HF, LF
Self adhesive grounding strap EB1 with conductive glue for shielding paint, shielding fabric and shielding fleece, HF, LF

Mandatory grounding of the HSF54 shielding paint

All electrically conductive surfaces must be grounded by a qualified electrician in accordance to the DIN/VDE regulations. This can be done over the electrical system’s grounding support (ground contact in the socket) or on the grounded heating pipe of the wall heaters (radiator). A protective circuit also needs to be installed in the fuse box. It must be noted that the circuit must be turned off before painting – a 230-volt, 16-amp shock can be deadly! The electrified flush-mounted box must be a centimeter away when painting the wall.

Electrical alternating fields can be grounded, contrary to mobile radiations (high-frequency) which are based on reflection and cannot be grounded as a result. A protection against mobile radiation is also based on reflection whereby the electromagnetic radiation is prevented from entering the room.

The shielding paint HSF54 protects against both electrosmog immissions. I.e. from alternating electric fields by means of earthing and high-frequency electromagnetic fields by means of reflection.

Self-adhesive conductive grounding tape for shielding paint Conductive carbon fibers as an invisible alternative to the ground tape

A pre-treated substrate saves money because less shielding paint is needed. Depending on the surface, up to 20% of the expensive shielding paint can be saved. For untreated fine plaster and coarse plaster, we EXPRESSLY recommend pre-treatment with our GK5 primer before applying the shielding paint. For already painted surfaces using eg. Disperse paint can be dispensed with, since relatively little reduction effect can be achieved.

Primer GK5

GK5 Primer Concentrate GK5 | blocking ground | pretreatment and preparation of the substrate for shielding paints

Made in Germany

HSF54 shielding paint technical information

  • Screening attenuation
    Single-layer at 1 GHz shields HSF54 up to 44 dB, two-layer up to 53 dB and three-layer up to 60 dB. At higher frequencies WIFI, LTE, 5G and up to 40 GHz even higher up to 90 dB three-layered. All values provided apply for 1 GHz. The measurement of the attenuation of electromagnetic waves from 600 MHz to 40 GHz has been performed in close accordance with standards IEEE Std 299™-2006 or ASTM D4935-10.
  • Underground
    Interior and exterior: Excellent adhesion on almost all undergrounds like existing emulsion paints, sheetrock, wallpaper, cement, plaster, masonry, wood, etc.
  • Application
    Outdoor walls, ceilings, indoor walls, floors
  • Frost resistance
    This product is frost-resistant (5 tested freeze/thaw cycles) and can be shipped all year round by air/sea freight.
  • Top coating
    Preferably covered with plastic bonded, water-based emulsion paints, dispersion silicate paints, facade paints or silicon resin paints. Not applicable are pure mineral paints (clay, loam, chalk, silicate). Please find appropriate product recommendations in the technical data sheet. Due to the high adhesive tensile strenght (to ETAG 004 for EIFS-systems, minimum 0.08 N/mm²), applicable directly under pure organic plaster, no mineral pasters!
  • Grounding
    Must be grounded! We recommend the self-adhesive grounding tape for indoor use and the AF3 additive and GE grounding plate for outdoor use.
  • Reaction to fire
    This product is a flame-retardant according to DIN EN 13501-1 (B s1 d0), see below under “Fire reaction report DIN EN 13501-1”. This product is a flame-retardant according to DIN 4102-1 (B1), see below under “Fire reaction report DIN 4102-1”.
  • Ingredients
    Water, natural graphite, pure acrylic dispersion, carbon black, additives, preservatives (BIT, INN, MIT).

HSF54 as coating in technical applications

With the fine pigmentation of 50 µm, high film hardness, good substrate wetting, high adhesive tensile strenght and newtonian rheology … our customers discovered more and more technical applications through the years: Technical shielding of parts, devices, machines or facilities. Manufacturing of absorber materials, pressure sensors, screen printing on heating films or gypsum boards. Data centers around the world are shielded with the HSF54 shielding color, e.g. Apple, Amazon, AT&T. Military customers also use HSF54 to shield small systems up to complex buildings. This is a clear proof of the high quality of the HSF54 shielding paint.

Documentation of the HSF54 shielding paint (.pdf)

Technical details 1 liter Technical details 5 liter Expert report EMF Test Lab Bavaria, 4 sqm/liter Expert report EMF Test Lab Bavaria, 8 sqm/liter Screening attenuation Certificate TÜV-SÜD Fire reaction report DIN 13501-1 Technical details shielding paints
Ready for 5G Expert report of shielding attenuation up to 40 GHz TÜV SÜD certification No nanotechnology
Some companies offer “special” 5G-products. This product shields all 5G-frequencies, even without advertising this! Find two gray bars in all shielding diagrams with the 5G frequency spectrums FR1 (600 MHz – 6GHz) and FR2 (24 GHz – 40 GHz). YSHIELD has already invested in an own professional EMV laboratory years ago. YSHIELD not only use it to create our laboratory screening reports but also to check each batch daily. Additionally, YSHIELD has all products checked by an independent, well-respected expert. Double checked for twice the safety. YSHIELD has the shielding paints monitored by TÜV SÜD.
The complete production process with quality assurance, the emission behaviour and the economical use of preservatives are subject to control.
YSHIELD shielding paints are developed in accordance with strict ecological criteria. YSHIELD uses, for example, the carbon black with the lowest emission possible on the market and untreated natural graphite. They consciously do not use graphene, a nanomaterial where the hazard potential is still completely unknown.
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Field type

HF (high-frequency electromagnetic field), LF (low-frequency electric alternating field)




4260103662123, 4260103662116

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