PROnatur24® ships sustainably – committed to the environment

“The world is a fine place and worth fighting for.” Ernest Hemingway

The goal of PROnatur24® and also SFERICS® with its EMF specialisation, is human health. However, our ecological footprint also plays a role, the way we deal with our environment or our nature. That’s why we focus on the most environmentally friendly production possible, as well as a fast, efficient and climate-friendly transport of orders to our customers.

Ecologically sustainable packaging for all orders

Basically, we distinguish between parcel shipping between primary packaging and repackaging.

In the FIRST PACKAGING we use 100% environmentally friendly, unbleached cardboard in high quality to prevent damage to the ordered products during transport. In addition to the shipping cards, the packaging materials also contain a high percentage of recycled content and consist of environmentally friendly packaging paper.

In REPACKAGING, we use packaging materials from our suppliers’ packages to resend our orders. The re-use of these materials is the same as the packaging in the first shipment because the materials must not be immediately disposed of. In this case, other packaging materials can be used as wrapping paper such as air bubble films or cavity fillers. If already used cartons are in good condition, we will use them again to avoid unnecessary carton use.

Closure of the package with environmentally friendly package glue

The carrier material of the adhesive tape consists of paper in a thickness of 60 g / m². The adhesive used is natural rubber. Although the tape is ideal, it is still here to avoid unnecessary material consumption. With the latest generation as shipping cartons, we manage to halve the need for environmentally friendly adhesive tape without affecting the packaged products.

Label the package without ink, toner or color foil

When labeling, we completely dispense with printing technologies that consume ink, toner or color transparencies. All of these printing technologies make it necessary to store containers, which ultimately are recycled as plastic (petroleum), but most have to be disposed of as residual waste in an environmentally damaging manner. We use the environmentally friendly thermal printing process, which prints with heat rather than ink, toner or color foil. Colors are not possible and thus our logo black instead of green. Watch out!

Parcel Shipping via POST/DHL, DPD, and GLS

The information service via email regarding the shipment status and redirection of the shipment is a chargeable additional service that we have chosen for various reasons. We do not pass on the additional charge to the customer. Our transportation partners ensure an efficient transport route, which is beneficial for environmental protection as unnecessary routes are avoided. With the shipping information, the customer receives information about the package up to one day before delivery and can redirect if necessary. Together with the customer, we ensure that only one trip is required to deliver the package, thereby not burdening our environment any more than absolutely necessary. Once the transition to electric transporters is successful and the electricity for them is no longer produced by harmful power plants, it would be the next step towards sustainable parcel transportation.

Invoice Shipping for Orders via Email

Every invoice print requires electricity, paper, and depending on the printer, ink or toner. Our collective goal should be to avoid unnecessary energy consumption. Even the minor act of printing an invoice contributes to this, consuming valuable resources that aren’t strictly necessary. The packing slip is essential for checking during packing and unpacking, but not the invoice. We send the customer the PDF invoice for the order conveniently and eco-friendly via email, along with the package tracking link in a single email. At this point, we kindly ask our customers not to print the invoice unless absolutely necessary. You can search and open it in your inbox at any time; losing the invoice is impossible, which we see as a very positive side effect.


Sign for recycling

All our original packaging goes into waste paper. Or you just use them again!

Repackaging can contain not only cardboard but also plastics and compostable materials. Simply dispose of separately separated.

Let’s look at our planet together, we only have this one.
Think also of the following generations.
PROnatur24® » committed to man and nature!