Dietmar Hohn, Inhaber PROnatur24 Dipl.-Fw. für angewandte Informatik Geobiologe, Elektrobiologie, Baubiologie
Dietmar Hohn, owner of PROnatur24®
Dipl.-Fw. for applied computer science
Construction biologist, geobiologist, electrobiologist

Why PROnatur24®?

The aim of PROnatur24 at the beginning was to provide education, information and services for a positive life and a healthier, holistic lifestyle. In response to numerous requests from customers and patients, the PROnatur24 online shop was added to the PROnatur24 health portal, with selected products for healthy everyday life.

With PROnatur24 we try to point out to the reader in a simple and understandable way by means of information and explanations.

The PROnatur24® online shop is intended to enable all interested parties to buy ingenious health-related products directly in a simple and convenient way – all in one package with only 1x shipping costs or with free shipping. In the beginning, these were theme-related products for effective technical shielding against immissions from electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fields (HF + LF).

Today we have a wide range of products, every single product of which is tested. Only if it has a fully convincing effect and ecology, it has a chance to be included in our portfolio.

Our main focus will continue to be on building biology with protection of humans from the negative effects of natural and technical disturbance zones.

Yes, that’s right. Not all products can be ordered directly.

Individual products cannot be ordered directly from the shop. This is always the case if this product group requires intensive consultation and/or an on-site building biology or geobiological investigation. In this case you can get full information about the product and you are also welcome to use our hotline or live chat. Finally, our goal is that the purchased product can unfold the maximum effect and we want to prevent that money is invested in an unnecessary shielding.

Building biology assessment HF by PROnatur24®

Building biology and geobiological investigation of PROnatur24®

The building biology and geobiological analysis at the customer’s site is time-consuming and sometimes costs a little more Euros. Nevertheless, this examination is a great opportunity to get answers to certain symptoms and reactions of the body. This examination can also be used to check personal suspicions and to confirm or disprove them accordingly. The content of such an analysis can include electrosmog (electric fields, magnetic fields, electromagnetic fields (radio)), light (flicker, colour temperature, colour spectrum of the luminous body), air pollutants, sound immissions, radon and earth radiation.

Please report on building biology measurement of EMF:
Often we receive requests for measurement of RF immissions from WLAN, mobile phones and mobile radio transmitters. It makes sense to check and record these exposure values. However, the measurements are deceptive if they are not repeated regularly, because the permanent exposure to non-ionising radiation changes far too quickly today. It is enough for the replica to replace its mobile phone, move the WLAN router to another location, install a MESH network, activate Poweline PLC or the mobile phone provider installs/replaces a panel on the mobile phone transmitter. Immediately, this RF measurement is invalidated a few weeks or months ago and can at most still be regarded as an indication. In such a case, it is recommended to invest in a suitable RF measurement device in addition to the building biology examination or to shield the most important rooms against EMF independently of the measurement. This is always a good and sustainable decision, and it always starts with the bedroom, as this is where the least change in everyday life occurs.

Info building biology assessment & request


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