Pay comfortably on the PROnatur24 online shop

Making the payment process as easy, comfortable, and modern as possible is a big issue for us. In order to achieve this goal, we need to offer the easiest and all of the known and widely-used payment methods. We are continuously expanding with new technology as long as it appropriate and sensible. As a result, it should be easy for customers to complete your healthy order.


1.5% discount with the voucher code “PREPAYMENT“.  Payment service providers are very convenient, that’s true. But for this modern payment they let the merchant pay very expensive by means of fees. We thought it is time to change this – DIRECTLY FOR YOU. We much prefer to give YOU this money as a discount instead of transferring it to PayPal, Amazon, Credit card & Co. as a commission for your payment. From now on you have the choice!

And this is how prepayment works. Once the transfer arrives, we prepare the order bypass for next business day shipping. We wait a maximum of 14 days for the receipt of the transfer, then we cancel the order. Please note: Transfers (also online) may take 2-3 working days. Therefore, we advise against urgent orders from paying by cash in advance. Please indicate the order number in the field of intended use when transferring.

Immediate transfer, Giropay, iDeal, Bancontact, etc.

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Payment methods such as immediate transfer, Giropay, iDeal, Bancontact, etc. work just like regular online transfers with your bank. You can handle the payment process for an online purchase directly on your personal online account.

The transfer process will be launched and the transfer form will be loaded after you have clicked on the “Order” button. You must only put your bank code, account number and name in an automatically pre-filled transfer form and then confirm the transaction with your PIN and TAN as usual.

Credit cards


We support VISA and MasterCard and use the financial service provider, Stripe, for this. We need the following information from you: card number, validity, credit card company, as well as your credit card’s check digit.

With VISA and MasterCard, your check digit is a 3-digit number on the back of your card. This guarantees safe payment on the Internet. Depending on your credit card’s security settings, you will also need the 3-D security code.


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PayPal is now the definition of safe payment worldwide. You will be redirected to PayPal to pay after your purchase.

Amazon Pay

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Amazon is much appreciated by many people because it is simply “easy”. And we have now integrated this simple shopping as a payment system in the shop with a simple login. Just log in and all information for the invoice, shipping and payment will be processed via your Amazon account.

Purchase on invoice

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In co-operation with the financial service provider, Klarna, we offer Purchase on invoice as a payment method up to € 100 shopping basket content to customers in Austria, Germany, and the Netherlands. The delay for payment is 14 days from the date that the the invoice was sent. The invoice is issued when the item is shipped and sent by Klarna via e-mail. Only the delivery note is enclosed in the shipped package.

Please note that the “Purchase on invoice” payment method is only displayed on the checkout AFTER CHOOSING THE COUNTRY. Furthermore, the billing and shipping address must be identical and match your personal residence. Orders purchased on invoice cannot be sent to companies or postbox addresses.

The payment is made on Klarna. Please note that Klarna invoice is only available to users. You can find further information on Klarna’s full terms and conditions for purchases on invoice HERE for customers from Austria or HERE for customers in Germany.


Klarna installment purchase (only for customers in Germany)
With Klarna’s financing service, you can flexibly pay for your purchase in monthly installments of at least 1/24 of the total amount (at least € 6.95, however).

The purchase limit is € 1,500. If Klarna refuses the “purchase on invoice” (amount over € 1,500.00 or inadequate credit rating), please choose another payment method. We cannot give you any information about refusals because Klarna does not tell us the reason. Please ask Klarna directly for information.

Apple Pay & Google Pay

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Apple Pay and Google Pay are the latest payment methods that we have activated in April 2019 as the simplest ordering method for our customers. With this modern technology, Apple and Google enable the simplest shopping experience through fingerprinting. Simply select the desired product or put it into the shopping cart and then click on the Apple Pay or Google Pay button. The entire addressing and price overview is loaded automatically, it remains only to confirm the purchase by fingerprint. Done.

Bitcoin & Altcoin


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Bitcoin and Altcoin are described as cryptocurrencies and are based predominantly on Blockchain technology. The payment is made independent of banks from the sender to the receiver, secured by the very secure Blockchain technology.

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