The foundation of PROnatur24 comes from the services centered around human health. The topic here is geobiology, which by means of technical and physical shielding against interference zones and environmental influences lays the crucial foundation for restful sleep. Only when our body can fully regenerate at night, can a positive life in health and vitality be possible at all. In advertising, it would probably say, “For risks and side effects of insomnia and sleep disorders, consult your doctor and pharmacist.” The reasons and purpose behind PROnatur24 can be found at “About Us“.

Building biological / Geobiological assessments

We become active in the interested party and patient’s own four walls. PROnatur24 assesses your personal living and sleeping situation according to impacting natural and technical fault zones. In addition, your existing physical irritations will be checked on these fault zones with a geopathy check (similar to an allergy test). Finally, there is a consultation (if needed) with appropriate options to shield yourself from these environmental influences. The human body is a marvel with the ability to heal itself. With the patient, we lay the foundations for a successful recovery and, consequently, restoration of their health.

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Health is not a one-time or incidental topic. We are especially reminded of this when we are ill and “incapacitated”. Of course, health cannot be simply dealt with by reaching into the medicine cabinet, as this often just numbs the body. We pay attention to warning signs and search for the root causes.

In the shop, you will find exclusively carefully selected products that positively and effectively support a healthy life.

  • Shielding materials
  • Healthy sleep
  • Dietary supplements
  • All about water
  • Cleaning and care
  • and much more!
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Health portal, lectures, and seminars

Our main concerns are information and explanations. Therefore, since the beginning, PROnatur24® has been an information portal for health that is available to everyone and that is constantly being updated with new information about backgrounds, new discoveries and developments from several fields. Since 2012, we are also a lecturer and travel to give lectures about the geobiological topic “Types and effects of existing environmental influences on the body and its health”.

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The PROnatur24 hotline

The hotline at +43 (0)5574 24010 is for you. We will answer your questions about our services, service, and products as best as possible and directly over the phone. In addition, the tariff agreement for a geobiological measurement on-site, including a geopathic testing, is easiest to finalize over the phone. You can best reach us in the evenings from 6pm as well as on weekends, or simply leave a message on the answering machine – we will call back promptly. Feel free also to email at ““.

Partners and network

If awareness of health and nature becomes the issue, it is not about the individual person anymore. This concerns us all. People can only make change happen together. The PROnatur24 network was created for this reason. We are very proud of our previous partners, as well as all of the ones who will still follow.

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Premium cheese specialties from AlpenSepp® means you're holding the real "top-tier quality" in your hands. At AlpenSepp®, we deliberately chose alpine products from other small alpine dairies because only they are allowed to produce the origin-protected Alpine cheese.

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Guided by the principles of a concept, diagnosis, examination, and treatment take place. Concepts evolve over time. They are improved, refined, and new knowledge is integrated.

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The goal of the Seewald practice team is to accompany and support you on your journey to better health and well-being as effectively as possible. However, it's not just about achieving quick results, but primarily about sustainability. We provide you with relevant information and exercises that you should regularly implement in your daily life.

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There are situations where conventional medicine isn't what one wishes or is able to use. To address various issues, alternative methods like kinesiology, Bach flower therapy, Reiki, etc., come into play. Achieving balance, regenerating, and relaxing are desired side effects of my treatment.

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A community of special people who can offer effective help to those interested and seeking assistance. The contacts listed here are all professionals in their field, meeting our high standards of professionalism and personal commitment.

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