Dietmar Hohn, Inhaber PROnatur24 Dipl.-Fw. für angewandte Informatik Geobiologe, Elektrobiologie, Baubiologie
Dietmar Hohn, owner of PROnatur24
Dipl.-Fw. for applied computer science
Construction biologist, geobiologist, electrobiologist

Why PROnatur24?

In the beginning, PROnatur24’s aim was to provide explanations, information, and services for a positive life and healthier, holistic way of life. This online shop was made by popular request from our patients and customers, with selected health products.

With PROnatur24, we try to point relations out to the reader through information and explanations.

The online shop should allow all interested people to buy great health products immediately in a simple and comfortable manner. In the beginning, our main products were for technical protection from electromagnetic fields. Since then, we have been able to expand our product portfolio significantly with:

  • Healthy, ecological products in the daily household
  • Great body care products with the unbelievable effect of Aloe Vera
  • Select products for your leisure in summer and winter

We know all of the products that we offer here personally because we vouch for their quality with our name. Our key focus in the future will still be geobiology with protection for people from the negative effects of natural and technical fault zones. We apologize for any inconvenience if you can inform yourself about a certain product, but you cannot order it yet. This is the case when they are very high-tech products and require a geobiological assessment on-site. On the one hand to guarantee the correct use and thus the positive effect, on the other hand to prevent you investing money in a possibly unnecessary shielding.


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Examples from the PROnatur24 network

  GEOVITAL Akademie für Strahlenschutz Alpen Sepp Premium cheese shop Premium cheese specialties by Alpen Sepp means that you hold real "premier quality" in your hands. With Alpen Sepp, we consciously decided to use Alpine products from additional small Alpine dairy farms because only these can create the patent-protected Alpine cheese. » To the Alpen Sepp farming project homepage
  Praxis OZEAN Myriam Schindler OZEAN practice - Room for holistic therapy concepts Anamnesis, diagnosis, and treatment occur led by the guidelines of a concept. Concepts develop over time. They are improved, refined, and new knowledge is integrated into them. » To the OZEAN homepage
  Dr. Sven Seewald Schmerztherapie Dr. Sven Seewald

The aim of the Seewald practice team is to accompany and support you as effectively as possible on your way to health and well-being. However, it is not only about getting quick results, but it is mainly about sustainability. You receive appropriate information and exercises that you should put into practice regularly in your day-to-day life.

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  Praxis LebensPuls Andrea Mussmann LebensPuls practice, Andrea Mussmann There are situations in which conventional medicine is not what you want or can use. Alternative methods, such as kinesiology, Bach flower therapy, reiki, etc. are offered to treat diverse problems. The desired side effects of my treatments are balance, regeneration, and relaxation. » To the LebensPuls practice homepage
PROnatur24 - Network for people's health A community of special people who can offer effective help to interested people and people looking for help. The listed contacts are all professionals in their field and meet our high standards of professionalism and personal commitment. » To the PROnatur24 network