Shop partnerships in the network

We work actively with shop partners to make our message of “holistic health” accessible to as many people as possible, accompanying the purchase of cherished products. Our main goal is to find health again and to protect through radiation-free living and sleeping, complemented by valuable and effective products.

We are proud to be able to work with the following partners on their online shops. You must CLICK on them!

Alpen Sepp cheese shop

Alpen Sepp Logo

We work actively with the “Alpen Sepp” farming project to develop their shop. Alpen Sepp stands for value in the Bregenz Forest in Vorarlberg, Austria. For the first time, it is possible for consumers to obtain the best Alpine cheese straight from the cheese cellar of the Alpine dairy with over 300 dairy farmers. Pure culinary delight is guaranteed! Information about cheese is obviously “on board”.

Some of the farmers have holiday rooms and allow “holidays on the farm”. Fun with all of the animals on the farm is guaranteed, but it should also allow you to get an insight of the day-to-day life of the farmers. Delicious recipes featuring Alpine cheese by the farmer’s wife are also waiting to be discovered. The “Alpen Sepp cheese shop” farming project is rounded off with touristic information about the region and unique hiking trails in the Bregenz Forest.

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Extract of cheeses by Alpen Sepp


Optik Sport Shop Logo

The Optik-Sport-Shop is the professional shop for the eyes. No, no opticians!

The Optik-Sport-Shop wants to bring back people’s eye for nature and the animal world. In our hectic day-to-day life, we forget all too often that we must live in harmony with nature in order to even live. Our environment has to bear the costs of our comfort and luxury way too often, many people do not really take this dependence and symbiosis seriously anymore.

The Optik-Sport-Shop wants to convey the feeling for nature and animals and touch your heart. Appreciate the beauty of nature, the variety of species with your own eyes. Get the unity with nature back in your eyes – unbelievable moments are waiting to be discovered. Optik-Sport-Shop… because your eyes will be AMAZED.

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LebensPuls practice

NaturPraxis LebenPuls Logo

Andrea Mussmann of the LebenPuls practice would describe herself like this: “I am an intermediary for people and animals. I value the health of humans greatly, but my heart beats especially for our four-legged companions – our pets. They share their life with us and are an important member of the family. I help you understand your animal and maintain its health like your own.”

The LebensPuls practice works on an energetic level with kinesiology, Bach flower therapy, herbs, aromatic oils, and charmstones and can now present impressive results. In 2014, the practice launched an online shop with Aloe Vera based health products for animals and people. There is also more than just special pet food for dogs and cats available. Everything is perfectly organized by the defu pet food brand. This is where correct care for livestock begins – say HELLO to demeter quality for your pet. Demeter, because bio says too little about the origin.

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Extract of pet foods by the LebensPuls practice

1000 Vasen

1000 Vasen Logo

The idea of a simple room embellishment in the residence or house arose in co-operation with Elmar Kalb, the design manufacturer in Dornbirn (AT). People spend a lot of time in their own 4 walls and we thought that glass and paint bring shape and life into your own LIFE.

The “1000 Vasen” idea does not have an online shop yet, but the display room in Dornbirn is a real eye-catcher!

1000 Vasen … live more beautifully!

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