No person or business can do everything on their own. This is no different for PROnatur24.

We focus heavily on co-operating with our partners for holistic health for people who seek assistance. We are happy to be able to rely on many professionals in their respective domains. Below is an extract of our great partnerships.

You can find the complete overview in the PROnatur24 network!


Dr. Seewald practice, osteopathy

Praxis Seewald

Dr. Sven Seewald is our medical specialist of the hour. He is a general practitioner, qualified osteopath, pain therapist, and movement teacher.

In practice as an osteopath and pain therapist, Dr. Seewald also tries to integrate nutrition, psyche, and environmental influences into kinetics.

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OZEAN practice, osteopathy

Praxis OZEANMyriam Schindler from the OZEAN practice is an osteopath for infants, children, and adults. Since 2014, supporting parents with crying babies has taken up a lot of space in the practice, a current study by Myriam Schindler also discusses this topic.

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fengshui-partner_250Feng Shui is the art of living better in harmony with our visible and invisible surroundings. Feng Shui has a positive effect on success, balance, love, health, happiness, and well-being. Karlmaria from TAO FENGSHUI takes the time necessary to achieve the goal that both he and the interested party want to achieve.

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PRONATUR24 network

If awareness of health and nature becomes the issue, it is not about the individual person anymore. This concerns us all. People can only make change happen together. The PROnatur24 network was created for this reason. We are very proud of our previous partners, as well as all of the ones who will still follow.


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Premium cheese specialties from AlpenSepp® means you're holding the real "top-tier quality" in your hands. At AlpenSepp®, we deliberately chose alpine products from other small alpine dairies because only they are allowed to produce the origin-protected Alpine cheese.

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Guided by the principles of a concept, diagnosis, examination, and treatment take place. Concepts evolve over time. They are improved, refined, and new knowledge is integrated.

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The goal of the Seewald practice team is to accompany and support you on your journey to better health and well-being as effectively as possible. However, it's not just about achieving quick results, but primarily about sustainability. We provide you with relevant information and exercises that you should regularly implement in your daily life.

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There are situations where conventional medicine isn't what one wishes or is able to use. To address various issues, alternative methods like kinesiology, Bach flower therapy, Reiki, etc., come into play. Achieving balance, regenerating, and relaxing are desired side effects of my treatment.

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A community of special people who can offer effective help to those interested and seeking assistance. The contacts listed here are all professionals in their field, meeting our high standards of professionalism and personal commitment.

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