Again and again we are asked what the latest products in our online shop are. We treat healthy new topics as a category directly in the BLOG but for individual new products we only have the NEW mark on the product itself. This is changed hereby.

With this page TOP10 of our newest products we now create a clear listing. Thank you for this wish and note!



Shielded PC power strip with full protection filter system, 6 sockets (4+2) – also filters up to 80 MHz (PLC Powerline), Type EF


Made in Germany
4 type EF sockets with on/off switch, 2 type EF sockets without on/off switch for continuous power consumption.

Effective line filter and HF filter up to 80 MHz with a very high attenuation. The installed high-frequency filter also filters PLC frequencies / Powerline – Internet from the socket.

Alu-black. Very high quality.

Delivery time: approx. 1-3 working days

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Cell phone case eWall, Young-Line, black


eWall cell phone case flyerCell phone case in BLACK with double protection! Technical protection against mobile radiation and scratches.

  • Effective electrosmog radiation protection of up to 95 dB against the increasingly stronger HF mobile radiation
  • Protection from scratches or breakage
  • ANTI RFID NFC function in the big inside pocket for personal data protection

How to find the right size for your eWall:
The cell phone case should be 1,5 cm wider and 2 cm higher than your smartphone or mobile phone.

Delivery time: approx. 1-3 business days

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Shielding canopy Electrosmog PRO all inclusive. Box double bed (grand king size) set. Shielding radio up to 50 dB. Groundable. Effective against 5G!

From: 2,052.20 1,934.34

Made in GermanyOur “Electrosmog PRO for DOUBLE BEDS (grand king size)” canopy set. All-round protection against electrosmog from electric fields (LF) and radio (HF). This set contains everything necessary with the possibility to choose variants. This set contains everything necessary with the possibility to choose variants.

Effective shielding even at high 5G frequencies.

Delivery time: approx. 10-15 business days
To the canopy photos from the bedroom of our clients

SKU: YS223 Category: Tags: , , , , , , GTIN: 4260103666336
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HSF74 shielding paint by YSHIELD, HF attenuation of up to 45 dB, LF grounding mandatory. Without preservatives. 5G ready!

from: 59.90 from: 47.90

Made in GermanyThe HSF74 shielding paint is a pure silicate paint WITHOUT PRESERVATIVES and has very high ecological properties. This shielding paint is only recommended for people who are allergic to a preservative. Contrary to the HSF54 shielding paint, the HSF74 is not frost-resistant for shipping and is limited to indoor use only. Due to the risk of frost, shipping between november and february is therefore possible.

Best suited to shielding against radiation caused by mobile phones, DECT, WLAN and mobile internet. Can be grounded to shield against electric alternating fields from the power supply.

HF attenuation, one layer: up to 39 dB
HF attenuation, two layers: up to 45 dB

SALE OF REMAINING STOCK: No return/revocation possible!

Delivery time: approx. 3-5 business days

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Shielding fabric SILVER TULLE for curtains and canopies. HF shielding up to 50 dB, groundable. Effective against 5G!


Shielding fabric from our Electrosmog PRO canopy. Half-transparent, silver-plated nylon fabric, up to 50 dB attenuation. Strong silvering. Very durable. Quality testing in cooperation with TÜV Süd.

Effective shielding attenuation of 5G frequencies. Two layers at 40 GHz up to high 67 dB shielding attenuation!

Price per running meters (1 m x 1.4 m)
Quantity = Number of running meters

Delivery time: 3-7 business days | Request test sample possible
Customer-specific cut-off, withdrawal/revocation not possible

SKU: YS100 Category: Tags: , , , , , GTIN: 4260103664318
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Shielding sleeping bag SET Electrosmog PRO all inclusive. Protection against electrosmog HF (up to 41 dB) for on the way. Groundable. Effective against 5G!

From: 397.80 376.79

Made in Germany

The All-In-One sleeping bag Elektrosmog PRO in the “All Inclusive Set”. This set contains all necessary components for the effective shielding of electrosmog HF and LF. Developed as an extension to the shielded sleeping place at home, this sleeping bag enables the effective reduction of EMF immissions on the body even when travelling. No matter if you are on business in a hotel or on vacation.

Effective shielding even at high 5G frequencies.

Delivery time: 1-3 business days

SKU: YS301SET Categories: , Tags: , , , , GTIN: 4260103669313
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Shielding flexible headgear TKE / elastic headscarf. Protection up to 50 dB against electrosmog (mobile phones, WLAN, LTE). Effective against 5G!


Made in GermanyThis shielding helmet, headscarf or headgear TKE is the flexible alternative to the classic headscarf. A great addition to your protected home on the road, produced with out shielding fabric SILVER ELASTIC. Produced as an elastic fabric hose, this head protection is extremely flexible in use and achieves the highest shielding attenuation values of 99.999% (up to 50 dB).

Effective shielding of 5G frequencies!

Delivery time: around 1-3 business days

SKU: YS800 Category: Tags: , , , , , GTIN: 4260103669122
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Shielded in-wall box (under plaster), depth 61 mm


Made in GermanyShielded in-wall box. Can be used a junction and switch box. Suited for fixing under plaster. Depth 61 mm.

Savings on bigger quantities
from 5 pieces from 10 pieces from 20 pieces
€7.18 €7.03 €6.96
SKU: 41-4426 Category: Tags: , GTIN: 4260004784429
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GEOVITAL ONF3 demand switch set with two pole disconnection incl. base load resistor and control lamp


The ONF3 demand switch is a modern monitoring relay with the option of adjusting (de-)activation of the power supply individually.

Feature: 2 turnkeys! The ONF 3 decouples the circuit twice – BOTH of the circuit’s supplies. Ideal against DIRTY ELECTRICITY!

GEOVITAL ONF3 demand switch set including:

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HNV80 shielding fleece, up to 80 dB attenuation against HF + LF electrosmog. Effective against 5G!


Made in GermanyThis metalized nylon fleece has an enormous protective attenuation of up to 80 dB and is intended for wallpapers and loose laying in timber construction, for example.

This fleece is an alternative to the shielding paint, if the use of shielding paint is not ideal on the base material, such as wood, because of the way it reacts.

Optimum attenuation of 5G frequencies. At 40 GHz up to high 57 dB shielding attenuation!

Price per running meter (100 cm x 100 cm)
Quantity = Number of running meters

Delivery time: 1-3 business days | Request test sample possible
Customer-specific cut-off, withdrawal/revocation not possible

Volume discount from 20 meters | Small quantity surcharge up to 3 meters
up to 3 meters up to 19 meters from 20 meters
€28.90 €21.90 €19.90
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