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Total Reviews: 82

It´s beautiful and the facbric nice and soft. So easy to find in the purse because of the happy colors 🙂
María Belén Molinuevo Puras - avatar María Belén Molinuevo Puras

Hi Maria. No this is not suitable for children. Please use this product for kids:
Dietmar - avatar Dietmar

I would like to ask, if this form good for children 5 years old?
Thanks for the answer.
Maria - avatar Maria

Brilliant "blanket". Though better description would be "sheet". I use it on the couch when watching tv and on top of duvet in bed. I am sleeping so much better and energy levels have risen in the short time I have been using it.
Wendy - avatar Wendy

We had a Swiss Shield Silver Tulle canopy over our bed but those pesky EMFs were still getting in. Our EMF consultant, Leonard Stafford, pointed out that we needed to screen underneath the bed as it was on the first floor so low and high frequency EMF and geopathic stress could still enter the canopy from underneath. After we fitted it, Leonard revisited and the level of LF EMF dropped to just above zero and the HF EMF was well into the low end of the safe range, so it clearly and measurably worked. We now sleep much better and this has enriched many areas of our life as a knock on effect. Well worth the money.
Charlotte - avatar Charlotte

Excellent product to help me with my ibs and gut problems. Like the fact that its pure without any fillers
Kat - avatar Kat

Quick delivery. Safely packaged. Unfortunately, it does not work with the GIGAHERTZ Comfort NA7 mains disconnector (but it does with the Eltako FR12 mains disconnector).
Dirk - avatar Dirk

Quick delivery. Good packaging. Easy to install in the fuse box (instructions came with it). I installed 3 in the fuse box. LED lights are recognized. Socket strips with foot switches (relay) are not, unfortunately.
Dirk - avatar Dirk

It is a good shielding fabric. When I put my mobile phone underneath it, the reception went down considerably, it was weaker. Good against radiations and radio, effective, in any case, it minimizes the radiations! Thank you!
Tanja - avatar Tanja

Hello, Sonja. We are quite surprised by your experience because countless protective bags are already being used. We do not have an explanation for this, but we would like to examine it. Please send us your RFID bag as quickly as possible for an analysis. If the material is flawed, we will immediately exchange your bag.
dhohn - avatar dhohn