Questions and answers about fabrics with silver threads

Fabrics with silver threads (silver fabrics) are extremely effective at protecting you from radio exposure and, depending on the production, at grounding electric fields. Unfortunately, these fabrics also have drawbacks in terms of discoloration and lifespan. Here are the details.

Verfärbungen bei Silberstoffen im schlimmsten Fall - vorher / nachher
Discoloration of silver fabrics in the worst case scenario – before / after

Discoloration of silver fabrics

Silver fabrics, or fabrics with silver threads inevitably discolor over time or already have stains from the factory. This discoloration process is completely normal with silver. The reasons for this are easily explained – sun rays, heating, water, sweat, etc. However, this has no effect on the shielding effectiveness (attenuation) and is, therefore, not a quality defect.

This discoloration happens a lot quicker in electrically contactable fabrics than in fabrics in which the silver thread is protection (but not groundable anymore). If you cannot accept discoloration, you should choose a fabric with protected silver threads. The shielding effect will inevitably be reduced significantly as a result.

On the right is an example of a dramatic discoloration. This shielding fabric was used as a curtain, directly above the heater and in full sunlight. Taken approx. 6 months after mounting. Regarding canopies, we have not seen such dramatic discolorations up to this point because of the considerable distance to the radiator and the lack of direct sunlight.

Durability of silver fabrics

Fabrics with electrically contactable silver – in other words, unprotected silver threads – have a limited durability. Our Electrosmog PRO canopy also has such a fabric. The lifespan depends mainly on how often it is moved.

Washing silver fabrics

Washing regularly with a suitable detergent at 30 °C will not cause any problems. Unfortunately, practically every detergent available on the market is not suitable for this because they use chemical brighteners, colorants, fragrances, and preservatives. Please ask us for suitable detergents if needed.

Baldachin fürs Doppelbett mit Schutz vor Elektrosmog durch Funk (HF) und elektrischen Feldern (NF)
Canopy for double beds with protection from electrosmog caused by radio (HF) and electric fields (LF)

SaCurtains made out of silver fabrics

As long as such a curtain is not put on and off again 10 times a day, it will work effectively and give pleasure for many years.

Canopies made out of silver fabrics

The lifespan of canopies also depends on the number of movements per day. Generally, canopies with unprotected silver threads last considerably longer when it is not completely taken down to make your bed. This also concerns the possible wish to bind the fabric. This will damage the silver thread massively.

A silver canopy like this will only remain intact for several months on the road daily in a suitcase. For out and about, choose our alternative canopy against radio radiation because the silver threads in it are insulated and wrapped. You could also use a sleeping back with the appropriate shielding effect.

Nanosilver in silver fabrics

You can read about nanosilver in textiles for sport, neurodermatitis, etc. more and more frequently. Because of its microscopic size, the tiny nanosilver particles can penetrate the skin and into the body cells.

Nowadays, even the Federal Environment Agency has major knowledge gaps regarding nanosilver. However, thick layers of “metallic silver” are not dangerous for people or our environment. All of our silver products are coated with 99% “metallic silver”. Even when it is used often, when particles detach after a certain amount of time, they are way too big to penetrate the skin and enter our body.